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Guitar Lessons: Jazz-Rock-Blues / Ear Training / Sight Reading / Theory and much, much More!!
Guitar Method books: Purchase guitar instruction books by noted music educator Ronny!! Method books, chord books, jazz books, and more...
Voice Lessons: Learn To Sing Step By Step includes Everything you need to know about singing!!!!
Guitar MastersIntroductory Guitar Lessons via web site.
Music Theory History: Listing of history of theoretical concepts
MiBAC Theory Reference: Theory Reference guide
National Guitar Workshop: Guitar Camp
Real Book Online!! : .jpg's of pages from the Real book, Volume I


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Guitar Lessons


Ray in Leather Jacket

Hello out there in Cyberland! I'm your basic Computer Systems Analyst
who, when not slaving away in New York City at my nine-to-five job,
moonlights as a musician. I play guitar and on weekends I offer
lessons. I live (and teach) in Manhattan, New York, Mid-town 34th St.
near Penn Station & the 33rd Street PATH Station. If you live in
my area and would like to discuss receiving guitar instruction please
send me an email.

My teaching method allows you to advance quickly toward an advanced
performance level. You can get additional details about my teaching
methods by following the Guitar Lessons link on this page.

I'm also interested in meeting other professional or advanced level musicians
for friendship and or projects that I'd like to persue in the near future. I've
always believed that friends who play music together have a richer, more
enjoyable musical experience. I'm looking for people who share that
belief. My musical interest range from classical to contemporary and
alternative music. My main performance interests lie in the area of Jazz,
Blues, Bossa Nova, Easy Listening and Contemporary or Alternative Rock.
My goal is to establish a band that can move easily through any of the
above genres. Typical instrumentation, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Horns,
Piano, Percussion, and a male and female singing ensemble. If you're
interested in joining me for an upcomming project, please email me at

or if you simply want to trade ideas about aspects of music, your email
would be welcome.
If you're an amateur musician, one place to meet other amateur musicians
in an informal atmosphere where you can jam and work on new chops is The
Studio in New York City. More information is available on their web page at

Another place with a similar theme is Off Wall Street Jam. You'll find
them on the web at

Please sign my Guestbook before you leave.
Thanks - Be well!!

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