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Course covers the following areas:
- Developing the voice
- Learning to Read Music and Understanding Music Theory
- Ear Training and Sight Singing
- Delivery Technique and Shaping a Song for Performance
- Microphone Technique

If you do not play an instrument or have an accompanist, Cassette tapes are available to demonstrate and provide accompaniment for all exercises presented in this course.

Ronny Lee is the author of more than eighty music instruction books which are sold throughout the world. Also, he has written popular, classical and rock arrangements for various publishers. These include "Man of La Mancha", "The Sound of Music", and the Beatles "A Hard Day's Night".

His articles on all aspects of music and the business of making music have appeared in trade and comsumer publications. He has conducted workshops and seminars for music teachers, and has officiated as adjudicator at major music festivals.

A musician, teacher, writer and singer who is knowledgeable in all styles of music, Ronny Lee has performed on thousands of engagements. These include club dates, recording sessions and appearances with the New York Philharmonic.

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